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Mike Huttman has been playing at nightclubs across North Carolina and the Southeast for several years. His energetic, groove-filled sets have been heard from venues like Boxer Ringside in Raleigh, to Midcity Cafe in Atlanta, and most recently at Copperbean Coffee in Hickory. As a DJ he has an open mind to all kinds of music, which is evidenced by the variety of venues that he has played at. Mike is just as comfortable playing Deep House for a small cafe as he is rocking out a packed night in a large city.

Random Transitions

Random Transitions is an event promotion group formed by Mike Huttman and Oscar Sorcia. Random Transitions have thrown events throughout Hickory and Charlotte, bringing the best local and regional talent and creating exciting nightlife events. Mike and Oscar are involved in nearly every aspect of the event promotions process, from bookings and equipment arrangements, to graphic design and logistics. Random Transitions held the weekly "We Love Wednesdays" nights at Tutto Mundo in Charlotte, and were the team behind the EDM event series in Hickory, "Shenanigans."


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Elektro Shock [K-Pop, J-Pop, House & Techno] by Mikehuttman on Mixcloud

2FD - Msessions 3: So Long Summer by Mikehuttman on Mixcloud

2FD - Msessions 2: Live Crew by Mikehuttman on Mixcloud

Overload (J-Pop/K-Pop/House) by Mikehuttman on Mixcloud

Dark Beach (Deep House) by Mikehuttman

No Pants Dance (Funky House/Electro House/K-Pop) by Mikehuttman on Mixcloud


2FD - MSessions 1: Mixcloud
Deep Down In It: Soundcloud


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